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  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: Skrillex<3
  • Reading: WarriorsTheNewProphecyBook#3
  • Watching: Nada
  • Playing: Skylanders?
  • Eating: Nada
  • Drinking: Water
I'm moving to :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx: :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:  :iconxxneonpawsxx:
Now you can call me Shiny,Neon, or Pawsies eue;;


ShadowSheWolf3's Profile Picture
&#x262F; &#x2665;~Shiny~&#x2665; &#x262F;
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
:iconblue-splz: :iconrainbow-hplz: :iconblue-iplz: :iconrainbow-nplz: :iconblue-yplz: ~♥
:bulletblack::bulletgreen::thumb203797667: TAKEN stamp by TimelessReference :thumb131191242: wolf stamp by war-armor:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:Special Stamp by Kezzi-Rose girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject :thumb158992912: Tomboy Stamp by JiiHaku:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:Fox stamp by Aurorie I love Snow Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist glowy stamp by doggy90 Stamp- You Say, I Say by turianketchup:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud pokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspirit Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:scourge stamp by reaper-neko Tigerstar Stamp by VampsStock Longtail Stamp by VampsStock Ashfur stamp by Spottedfire94:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:Stripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb102610829: Fursona Stamp by VampsStock Felidae Stamp by Skia:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:Human and Furry Equality Stamp by Ixbran school is bad stamp by KrisiChiki :thumb88565913:RAINBOW by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me:bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:bulletblack::bulletgreen:Positive Thinking Stamp by cjqueen76 Stamp: Team Toothless by MoogleGurl Avatar Stamp by DragonHeartLuver :thumb158795847::bulletblack::bulletgreen:
:iconfurrydanceplz: :iconsuperheroglompplz: :iconicecreamchairplz:
:bulletblack: ~Kawaii Nekos :3
:bulletred: ~ I use alot of faces :3
:bulletorange: ~Favorite Animals:Fox,Wolf,Cat,SnowLeopard
:bulletyellow: ~Favorite Colors: Black,White,NeonGreen
:bulletgreen: ~Favorite Pokemon:Absol & Umbreon
:bulletblue: ~I have one older Brother
:bulletpurple: ~I love the Chesire Cat c:
:bulletwhite: ~I am female. :3
:bulletblack: ~ !!!ϟƘƦƖןןΣx!!!! Yus>:3333333333333
:bulletred: ~I ish a Proud Furry
:bulletorange: ~Give Me Your Skittles >:UUU And no one gets hurt...

:bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::iconturianketchup::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink: Happy to call you mine <3

"I'm not blind,I just can't see." -Felicity

"Upset!?" Ashfur echoed. "Im not 'Upset' you have no idea how much pain I'm in. It's like being cut open everyday bleeding onto the stones. I can't understand how any of you failed to see the blood." His eyes clouded and his eyes took on a wild,distant tone, as if he could see the blood spilling out of him now, siziling and burning on the ground.... -AshFur

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thanxx for the fav!!:tighthug:
ShadowSheWolf3 Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Your welcome~:3
pierce101lover Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student General Artist
hehee.. ohh and it doesnt matter how you draw art is always fantastic no matter how much people say to themselves like i had a friend who drew at first she said she drew ugly and she drew really good:D and dont say you dont draw good just keep trying and trying:D
turianketchup Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Night :3
turianketchup Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You can go on now o3o
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...Hai o3o
ShadowPeep Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I tagged you. :D
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HEHE >:3
turianketchup Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think I can go on FH tonight :/

But at least tomorrow's Friday and we can go on then :D

+ I have Monday off [for State Exam grading]
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